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Wordshark 5 - Customer feedback


My pupils look forward to reinforcing their class topic at the end of their lesson, The new version is very popular. They all use the 'icon' and personal sprite. The options to personalise the maze etc is also brilliant!

Philippa Soloritz, SENCO, Devonshire House Prep School, Hampstead


I was looking for something engaging and fun for covering those basic skills, but needed something that was particularly appealing for boys. Word Shark was recommended to me, and when I looked at it, I was so taken with the quality of the resource and the testimonials that I decided to purchase Number Shark as well!

Nancy Lees, Headteacher, Castleton C of E Primary School

I didn't realise we've had your software since 2009 so after over 9 years we can certainly say we've certainly got our monies worth out of our Version 4 licenses! We believe we have an increasing number of children who can benefit from your software in our school and it is very popular with those already using it to augment what we do in lessons. 
Simon Emerton
IT Manager, 
Fair Oak Junior School, Hampshire
We have been using the various versions of Wordshark within Devon's SpLD Support Centre for many years, to give our students the essential reinforcement and continuous practice they need to master a wide range of spelling patterns and rules.  Each upgrade has led to a better product, with more features.  We find our students are always happy to play on Wordshark, and we firmly believe that its games help them to progress with spelling skills.

Ann Atherton, Advisory Teacher, The Devon SpLD (Dyslexia) Service


The boys are actively engaged, and are utilising the Secondary Specialist Subjects content assiduously, including your suggestions of adding unknown words to their lists so they actually know what they mean! Work in progress is the mind-shift to find words ‘interesting’ and to actively enquire and develop a desire to know more – to develop a basic curiosity around language.

Amanda, home user

We believe Wordshark and Numbershark are excellent products that will help our young people make progress with their literacy and numeracy; we are using some Pupil Premium money to fund our investment, which should help ‘narrow the learning gap’ that exists for some students.

Nick Hart, Assistant Headteacher, Moor House School & College, Oxted

I recommend it to parents to use as a reinforcer for what teachers do. I get positive feedback from parents. People find it easy to use and the kids find it fun.
Dr Valerie Muter, Neuropsychologist

 I like Wordshark because I know it works. I have been using it for years and it's my 'go to' with children who need support with reading and spelling.

Karen Hackman, KS2 Coordinator and Year 5 Teacher, St Andrew's Preparatory School, Turi, Kenya

Wordshark and Numbershark have the variety to meet the needs of the rarer disabilities and conditions. 
Sister Frances Cullen, SENCO, St Thomas More Catholic School

Wordshark is the very best resource on the market. I have used it to motivate children who otherwise would not be reading or spelling at all. Thank you. 


Thank you to Wordshark for aiding me to help my son with his weekly spelling lists. He is dyslexic but now reading English at Cambridge! 


 Evolution has brought true inclusion for 'Wordshark 5' users.

It's the best thing I've ever bought. 

H.Druxbury, teacher in Luxembourg

Thank you for taking care of our software needs over the past 9 years or more. Wordshark and Numbershark remain the best programs in their field worldwide.  


I became quite an ambassador for Wordshark/Numbershark (at my old school), recently building the Wordshark (network) licences up to 30. This was done by recording evidence in the children's work and using this as part of my performance management. Using this alongside other interventions or on its own It's been a real joy to be able to personalise the spellings with this tool. It also engages the child and they learn without realising it. 

Mrs Samantha Pollard, Teacher/IT support, now at St John's school, Gosport 

Excellent resource for both teachers working with dyslexic students and for children to use at home independently.

5 STAR rating Amazon Shopper: Hikjhhbbh

Wordshark has done so much for so many - it takes the tension out of intense learning.

Catherine Ash, Specialist teacher, working in secondary sector

I have been a Wordshark user for more years than I care to remember, both when working in the Dyslexia Base of a large Secondary School and in my own private practice. I have always been impressed by the product in every way, including how it keeps up to speed with current research and the changing needs of practice.  

Linda, teacher

I bought this product for my daughter who has dyslexia, it is really user friendly and the kids see it as a game rather than homework. You can program your own words into it and easily set it up to change what they are learning each day.
5 Stars on Amazon
Home user: 'Nicola'

I'm based in Luxembourg so it is great for my children to have the focus on learning to read and write English and have fun at the same time. 


We have two sons with special educational needs and have found your software to be very effective and of a very high quality.


This is an amazing product for dyslexic children and even those that aren't.
It educates in a fun and playful manner.
The support offered to me when I called was amazing. Really friendly team that are eager to help.
Very happy with the product.

5 stars on Amazon
Home User:Mrs.Nathalie Degn-Petersen  

I thought Wordshark was wonderful before and now I realise I’ve only been accessing a tiny part of it, so it’s exciting to have so much more to discover. 

Sophy Tonder, Parent, London

Our children love playing on Wordshark. They learn so much from it. It's a wonderful, versatile resource.  


The children love the various games which provide much needed repetition without boring the children.  


Love it when they can see the progress they have made. Wordshark under pins their enjoyment of learning.

Kerry Hardstaff, Special Needs Teacher 

Wordshark is the best value software on the market. It's uses are many and varied for all subjects. 


It's a powerful piece of kit to develop childrens' literacy. 

Hilary Esson, Support for learning teacher

It's motivating, inspiring and rewarding for children who struggle with reading and spelling and have lost their confidence. A tailored, personalised wave 3 intervention that runs itself!  


Teaching at our EBD School (1:1), active participation is essential which is admirably covered by both Wordshark and Numbershark. Boys literally 'fight' for the opportunity and competitions are organised with the 'games.'

Caroline Webb, Literacy Co-ordinator

Valuable for teenage boys with low literacy levels.

Kate Theedom, Specialist literacy teacher

Both staff at Grange Theraputic School, Nr Melton

I am a teacher in a mainstream primary school. I use word shark and number shark with the children in my class who have literacy difficulties and/or number difficulties. I have found that even children currently on p scales (I teach year 2) can access the program and make progress. I find that because of the simple interface these children learn to work independently on the computer and this enables them to progress without extra teaching assistant support which is often difficult to secure. The program moves them on in the their learning because it gives them exercises at their level. The letter tracking and number recognition are games are particularly good. I can set my children work at home which them pops up on the screen so I can monitor what they are doing. I think it is the best program I have found and I am familiar with program's like nessy phonics and mathletics and reading eggs which are good but the children who struggle the most cannot use them independently because they are too complicated and due to this require adult supervision. The progression is fantastic. so the program starts at a very basic level suitable for children working towards L1 and it continues to secondary level. They use NC and letters and sounds units makes it fit perfectly into the class work that I am teaching. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Gemma mcdowell, Teacher, Stroud            

As a trainer I recommend Wordshark all the time! It is structured, cumulative and multi-sensory...and actually follows the structure of the NC.

Helene Agnew, Trainer at advisory service, Greenwich, London

My daughter, who is 11 and dyslexic, loves playing on these games. The software is incredibly clever as you can set it to cover which ever different aspect of phonic learning you are looking at. It is very versatile with a useful manual. There are reward 'fun' games that help to keep the child's interest. All in all I would recommend it whole heartedly to any dyslexic learner.

5 Star rating on Amazon 
Home User: Ivo Padovan

As someone who homeschools a son with Dyslexia, I have found the Wordshark program to be highly motivating, effective and well organised. 


I find that Wordshark offers a good way to extend vocabulary for children coming in with no English.

Claire Gaston, Support Staff, Barrow Hill Junior School, North London

I have been using Wordshark and Numbershark  for the past 6 years in 4 different schools and absolutely love them. My students love them too. It is the most pedagogically sound software I have come across to support reading, spelling and number concepts. It is a perfect complement to various curriculums and makes individualising for students and monitoring student progress easy for teachers!

Linda Kimber, Primary Teacher – Learning Support

Ipswich Grammar School, Queensland, Australia

Used v4 for my daughter to help with her dyslexia (right up to age 17 with own word lists for her course work) but have v5 for my 10 year old son, who is not dyslexic. The statutory word lists for years 3 through to years 6 have been fantastic to help him prepare for the SATs. 

5 STAR rating on Amazon 1 April 2015, Username ‘JM'

I am a very fond user of Wordshark and use it on a daily basis with my dyslexic students.

It's a highly motivating program that my students never get tired of.  I love that I can choose the level and type of exercise. I use it as practice and as a revision tool in every single one of my lessons. I have found nothing as good.

Isabelle Lefrancq, Speld Tutor

I bought this for my son (aged 9) who is dyslexic. The graphics are a bit basic, but it is easy to use and although expensive I think that it was worth the money. My son is quite happy to sit and 'play' wordshark and is certainly helping his spelling. I asked his school teachers to give me a list of key topic words for each subject and I have made up my own word lists on wordshark for these. He sits happily for 30 minutes + and I have to ask him to stop! Is certainly helping. I have even loaded my older sons Yr7 biology words into wordshark, because he wanted a go!

Last week, my dyslexic 9 year old child spelt 'deposition, settlement and erosion' correctly... I nearly cried! Anything that makes a dyslexic child go over and over words without frustration and tears is worth the money... I only wish we had found out about it sooner...

 5 STAR rating on Amazon 17 October 2015, Username 'Suppashopper'

We teach the words that the children need to know to be successful learners. We use a whole language approach.

Robert McGill, teacher, South Ayrshire

We find Wordshark easy to use. The features are fairly self-explanatory and if you cannot work something out, the guide is also easy to follow. We like the way each child can set their own appearance on the screen. For example, background colour and font. It can be adapted so many ways to suit each individual child. It allows you to set up group or individual lists easy for each child.

Jo Smith, Teacher

Bridge and Patrixbourne School, Canterbury

I have two dyslexic children, aged 11 and 7 and using wordshark has made learning their spellings much more fun! They really benefit from the words being spoken aloud.

Jennifer King BrainHome User, Yeovil 

Have (previously owned) every edition and use them every day as a SENCO.

Renee Sonenfield, SENCO, NRPS, Hendon

Wordshark is in a user friendly format - useful list of spelling patterns sorted by intervention program (e.g. National Curriculum spellings/ Alpha to Omega etc.)

I can teach specific patterns and relevant words and then use Word Shark to consolidate and revise these.  Students find the program highly motivating.  I also used it with a student who brought her own spellings with her to learn.  In addition I can build my own work programs by setting work for students based on the gaps in their phonological knowledge. 

Fiona Phillips, SENCO, Ripplevale School, Deal

2 dyslexic children one moderate one severe. They use word shark at Dyslexia Action and at home to reinforce their learning. My daughter has gcse's next year and uses it to reinforce the spelling of technical terms for science, geography etc. it is a great learning tool and easy to access. 

Gillian William-Powlett, Home User, Jesmond 

My 10 year old son is moderately dyslexic and struggled to learn any spellings. With Wordshark, I type in his school spellings each week and he actually enjoys practising them and of course playing the games. In a year I can see a huge improvement!

Karen Collinson, Home User, Tunbridge Wells

(I have a) child with dyslexia. Wordshark has given him confidence to practice spelling rather than be frustrated by blank paper.

George Weir, Home User, Carluke 

If I was stuck on a desert island with a group of children with Dyslexia, then Wordshark would be my luxury item!

Amanda Gill, teacher attending the SLF Exhbition, Scotland

My child has loved using word shark and it has really improved her reading and writing.  Our little son starts school soon so he will be put on the program too to give him the boost he will need.

Simon Robinson, Home User, Clacton

Wordshark has been very useful for my son, as he struggles to concentrate on material that is not fun! Wordshark has enabled him to learn whilst being entertained, and this has helped him progress immensely.

Grant Caley, Home User, Bramhall

We are a special school catering for pupils with moderate learning difficulties.  Wordshark is used as part of our phonics course in key stages 2 & 3. Programmes of work are set up for each group at the start of each week to match the phoneme(s) being practised that week. It is particularly useful for us as it allows reinforcement of the pupils' work at their own pace.  The additional motivation provided by the reward games keeps the pupils working.

Martin Nance, Teaching Assistant, Clarendon School, Hampton 

Wordshark has been extremely supportive in helping to develop new language skills in a stroke victim. Excellent in development of key areas such as basic vocab, problem letter use e.g initial 'B'  the at the beginning of words , basic every day vocab and use of verbs in sentences. Also, ability to create students own words to work on. However, I would have liked more opportunities for sentence work. Student feedback as follows: ''helped confidence; entertained while learning; gave exercises at the right level; started at a basic level, building up; the games are good. Negatives:graphics not so good''  From a teaching point of view, Wordshark has been a boon and a great support. Don't know what I would have done without it.

Chris Abernethy, Retired SENCO, working with a stroke victim, Ribchester

I am a private tutor and use Wordshark with many of my dyslexic pupils. They love the program. I particularly like the way in which I can control when a child needs consolidation and practice or when to move them on to a new spelling pattern. I also like the record keeping that the program provides. My pupils also enjoy this feature as they can see their progress.  However, the best feature is having the ability to record my own spelling lists. I can tailor these to individual pupils. I also create lists of sight words to introduce vocabulary for reading scheme books. I will definitely be purchasing Numbershark at some point in the future.

Kathy Tuck, Private Tutor, Hants

 Wordshark is easy to use. It's great that it is linked with the letters and sounds- making it easy to find activities and shows where the children should be progressing. This has been a great resource to rely on for Phonic sessions!

You can create different users and allow them to access different levels. 

Sarah Skilton, Teacher, St John the Evangelist Infant and Nursery school, Newbury

Being able to set my own word lists is particularly useful and the link with alpha to omega, which I use regularly.

Angela Rogers, Home User, PORTHCAWL

I like the Alpha to Omega work which can be used as a follow up to 1:1 support sessions. The games help to motivate the pupils.

Helen Davies, SENCO

St Paul’s School for Girls, Edgbaston

I enjoyed this program and thought it was a good educational program and it was brilliant. I think Wordshark is fun for learning on. 

K.Russell, age 12 Mousepower review, REM/NLA

I have used Wordshark over 15 years. Originally this was in a Comprehensive school whose Learning Support Department had purchased a multi user program. I was supporting students with dyslexia and reading and spelling difficulties generally. This was teaching students in groups as well as 1:1 situations. Since retirement, I have taught some children with dyslexia privately 1:1, for which I purchased a single user Wordshark program. For both situations I found the program very useful and appealing to students. They can work as independently as possible and have choice of games to play. I can monitor them. The availability of Alpha to Omega phonic patterns as well as National Curriculum vocabulary is ideal to cater for individual students' needs.

Pamela Tincello, Cheltenham

Fantastic resource - of all the resources our deaf children have used, this has been by far the most effective for teaching phoincs and spelling. Age range from 5 - 13 year olds.           

Kenny Fraser, teacher of deaf students, South Ayrshire

Well worth the money, my son (9) is dyslexic this program was advised by the dyslexia association. He works with it daily and is helping him learn to spell. I wish I had this program when I was his age (i'm also dyslexic) Recommended.

5 STAR rating on Amazon 28 June 2015, Username 'L.Edwards'

We use Wordshark as a lunchtime club at the moment.  We have children from year 3 to year 6 who attend two lunchtime sessions per week. We focus on the Middle ability groups who need reassuring and a confidence boost.  The students love the different tasks and are always eager to attend a session.  We also found that as well as helping to improve their spelling and reAding ability it helps their computing skills and concentration.

Zoe Ward, HLTA and computer support

Whale Hill Primary School, Eston