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 Wordshark5 changes since v4               


What goes into producing a new version?!

Wordshark 5 and Numbershark 5 are the result of 20+ years of experience in making enjoyable and effective software for schools, but the most recent changes (since version 4) include:

  • 7 years of programming development (+ 5 years for Wordshark)
  • 6 years of research and development per program for educational content changes and additions
  • 2 years in total of reviewing the programs in schools - working with teachers and students
  • 15 video tutorials, the manual re-written for quick and easy access online, plus printed Introductory Manual
  • Programs that have been re-written to include the 2014 England National Curriculum
  • As per last 20+ years, friendly technical support and personal customer care that we pride ourselves on!

Changes since version 4:

Changes since version 4:

Evolution has brought true inclusion for 'Wordshark 5' users. Wordshark has long been a perennial of the teacher’s toolbox for literacy. It has an enduring familiarity which sometimes brings pleasant surprises. While Version 5 appears much the same as previous versions, the developers haven’t stopped building on its firm foundations to continue to create something even more useful. It is one of those programs that started out in quite a specialist SEN niche and has now grown into something much more inclusive. From focusing on dyslexia it offers possibilities for just about any learner at any level... Click here to read full review.

 I love Wordshark 5! What a big step up from version 4! Dr Mary Howard, 3D Centre